The last flask you’ll ever need


There’s a new Kickstarter campaign for something we’ve not seen a lot of on The Gadgeteer – a thermal flask. It’s called the Kole, and is handmade from stainless steel and oak. It can hold 2.4 ounces, and hold hot espresso (4 shots!) or cool whiskey, unaffected by the atmosphere in your pocket, bike bag, or backpack. The stainless steel cap holds about 2 oz., and it comes with a funnel for filling. Why is this considered a gadget? Well, it’s just so cool-looking, useful, and well-made that it is a siren call to my gear lust. I want this in my gear bag – today! It’s a bit spendy, at $93, but like a leather bag or a quality set of hand tools, it’s something they’re going to fight over when you’re gone! Visit the Kole Kickstarter page for more info.

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