Ninety7 frees the Google Home Mini with their JOT battery base

ninety7 jot 1

NEWS – Don’t imprison your Google Home Mini smart assistant on a shelf in a corner of a room when you can cut the cord and set it free with the JOT battery base from Ninety7. The JOT battery base is available in black or silver and features a 5000mAh battery lithium-ion battery that will provide up to eight hours of unplugged use of the Google Home Mini.

ninety7 jot 2

The JOT has four status LEDs on the front of the base that shows how much battery life remains before another charge is needed. You can buy a JOT Portable Battery Base for the Google Home Mini for $34.95 from Ninety7 and from Amazon coming soon. Just remember that the Google Home Mini isn’t included but you can buy one from Google.

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