A beautiful multifunctional fire hydrant for the future

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NEWS – When you think of a fire hydrant, a certain image pops into mind, doesn’t it? It hasn’t changed in, like, eons. But is it time for a change? Dimitri Nassisi thinks so. According to an article in Dezeen, as an industrial designer, Mr. Nassisi redesigned the fire hydrant to provide drinking water for people and their pets in addition to functioning as a water source to fight fires. He realized as he observed his surroundings in Switzerland, that there were just not enough drinking fountains for people to hydrate, so why not use the existing fire hydrant infrastructure to solve this problem? While he was redesigning it, he wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing to people, yet practical for use by firefighters. His design adjusts the water pressure depending on what it is being used for. It is currently a prototype but perhaps such a clever, practical, functional, beautiful fire hydrant will become a commonplace item in the future!

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4 thoughts on “A beautiful multifunctional fire hydrant for the future”

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  2. If our dog is any indicator it loves to wee on any upright object, thankfully excepting human legs. I fear for the water supply in this device.

    1. Lex – We thought about that too (my husband and I), but even though you can’t see it, I’m almost positive that there is a drain at the base of the bowl for pets. It is a prototype and surely the designer has also thought of that concern too – at least I hope he has…

      1. Few years ago a “Rehydrant” project was created at Budapest to transform the existing fire hydrants easily and inexpensively into drinking fountains without affecting the original function (here the water quality is good for it):

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