The GeekAire rechargeable portable fan will keep you cool and charge your phone

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NEWS – Now that we’re smack dab in the middle of summer keeping cool seems harder to do. Especially if you’re out and about at a ball game, concert or favorite summer festival. GeekAire has come up with something that might help you out, a mini handheld portable fan.

The GeekAire GF2 series is a new generation mini handheld portable fan with a few tricks up its sleeve. What makes it different is that its rechargeable. Not only that it also has a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, which can also be detached and used to give your device a quick power-up.

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There’s also a charging dock for convenient charging and desktop use. The bottom of the charging dock has a reusable sticky rubber for enhanced stability. It can even be used upside down.

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The fan has 5-speeds and an aerodynamic 6-blade design, powered by durable brushless DC motor. At top speed, the fan has a moving airspeed up to 27 ft/s.

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The fan can run from 3-9 hours depending on which speed settings you use.

Convenient indicator lights also show the fans speed and battery power level.

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The GeekAire Rechargeable Portable Fan comes with a  removable wrist strap, charging stand, and USB charging cable.

It sells for $19.99 and is available on Amazon.

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    1. Renee,
      Check your local Home Depot stores. If they don’t carry it in stock I believe you can have it shipped to your local store for pickup. Hope this helps.

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