This power cord uses witchcraft to light up when it gets near an outlet

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tenone stella

I’ve been reviewing and writing about gadgets for almost 21 years now, so it’s rare to come across a product that I haven’t seen before. That’s why my hat is off to Ten One Design today because their new Stella power cords have the unique ability to light up when the plug gets within a few inches of an outlet. How does it work? Heck if I know. I just know that I want one. The Stella power cord is available in several styles that make it compatible with your existing Apple chargers, and PC power bricks. The power cord feature a woven covering over the cable and a 45-degree plug with an auto-illuminating LED light near the prongs. The cords stay tidy by using a slide-out clip (Apple versions) or an included strap (PC versions). You can order a Stella cable today for $34.95 with shipping due next month. Head over to Ten One Design for all the details.

3 thoughts on “This power cord uses witchcraft to light up when it gets near an outlet”

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  2. Probably through induction. A small inductor coil inside the plug. When the coil inside the plug, comes close to the AC socket, the AC line running at a frequency of 60 herz, induces enough juice to trigger an LED or something as a light source.

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