Linedock may finally be the right answer for photographers, videographers and filmmakers on the go!

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As a Photographer/Videographer/Filmmaker, I am constantly faced with workflow data-related challenges, especially when on location. Whenever I discuss these challenges with my follow media creators, the main issue/challenge always seems to be about the amount of gear that we have to carry when we go into unpredictable scenarios and locations. Apart from carrying around the various camera bodies and lenses, there are also “a ton” of the accessories that we must pack to make sure that we can power, charge, and back up our work. It is critical that we ensure the integrity of the data we capture, as well as create some sort of redundancy while maintaining the capacity to continue shooting until the gig is over.

I have continuously searched for an effective all-in-one solution for charging, data storage, and data backup, and I may have just found the solution in a device called Linedock.

Linedock is a slim and sleek device that provides multiple charging ports, data transfer ports, pass-through charging, a SD card slot, a HDMI port, a DisplayPort and docking capability all in one. It allows you to access up to 7 devices at once. This device seems like it would be a “dream” device for my workflow, and it could adequately address most of the related challenges that we in the industry battle with at each gig.

The Linedock is currently available for purchase in three models that offer no included storage for $299, 256GB of included storage for $399 or 1TB of included storage for $749. You can head over to the Linedock website and pick one up today.

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