Control your smart home with FIBARO’s The Button

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The problem with having your home automated is you’ll need to have your smartphone or tablet in hand to turn on the lights or control a device using an app.  With The Button from FIBARO, you’ll be able to control smart home functions without opening an app.  The Button connects via Bluetooth to the smart device, so there’s no need for a bridge or gateway, and can control any HomeKit-compatible or Z-Wave-compatible device in your home.

Each HomeKit button can be programmed with up to three functions by using a single tap, a double tap, or a tap-and-hold, while the Z-Wave version can be programmed with six functions (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 taps, or tap-and-hold).    The buttons can sit on a tabletop or can be adhered to a vertical surface.  The Button is powered by a battery, which is included with purchase.

The HomeKit Button is available in black, white, or red for $59.99 each.  The Z-Wave Button is $49.99, and is available in black, white, red, brown, green, blue, yellow, or orange for $49.99 each.  They can be purchased at Amazon.

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  2. iOS only? They picked the shallow end of the smart home pool. Also, voice-assisted speakers do the job easier. Thought those HonePos sure cost an arm and a leg (or in this case a thumb and index finger!).

    1. Nope, not just iOS. If you had looked more closely, you would have seen the last paragraph had a links to the Z-Wave version and the HomeKit version of the buttons. And I mentioned features of the Z-Wave version everytime I mentioned features of the iOS version throughout the article…

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