The FocusShifter LensShifter will make your DSLR go VAROOM!

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A couple of nights ago, I was shooting some macro photography and since I shoot in manual mode, I was operating both the zoom and focus rings manually. This has always been a bit clumsy for me to do, but for some reason it really bothered me that night.

Determined to find a solution, I embarked on my usual internet search, and I came across the FocusShifter LensShifter Red & Blue Kit. The kit consists of two simple looking plastic handles one red and one blue, with toothed neoprene belts for placing them around the lens rings, and a built-in mechanism to adjust the belts to fit any lens rings with an outer diameter from 56mm to 98mm. It also has a balancing counterweight on the opposite side of the handle to compensate for any looseness in the lens rings. This shifter allows you to easily adjust your focus or zoom in smooth and desired increments, and you can do so without the clumsiness of reaching around the front of the camera to grab the lens. It also works well for video scenes when you want to move a scene in or out of focus, or change the distance for a specific effect. In addition to the kit, the LensShifter is available as a single item for use with just one ring of your choice.

If you would like to purchase the FocusShifter LensShifter Red & Blue Kit, you can pick one up at Amazon or B&H Photo Video for around $45.

3 thoughts on “The FocusShifter LensShifter will make your DSLR go VAROOM!”

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  2. .

    I like the idea, but couldn’t they come in like black and gray!?!? 😉

    Reminds me of how mechanics would not wear vinyl gloves until they came out in black! 😀


    1. Hi Thomas,
      I totally agree with you. I guess they figure that years of peering into a viewfinder must have us blind :-).
      Black and gray would work for me too.

    2. Make your own with some Sugru. Or you could buy these and then cover them with a layer of Sugru in the color you prefer.

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