Adjust the angle of your Ring doorbell for a perfect view of who’s at the door

The placement of a doorbell usually doesn’t matter when it’s a regular doorbell.  But when you replace the old model with a video doorbell, the placement determines when and how well you can see people approaching your door.  Using the Homono Adjustable Angle Mount with the Ring video doorbell, you’ll be able to fine-tune the orientation of the doorbell to see people as they approach and as they stand at the door.

I just got a Ring 2 doorbell, and I ordered the Homono mount with it.  My doorway is at the end of a long, straight hallway, so I’d see – and probably be alerted to – everyone who gets on or off the elevator on my floor.  And because my doorbell is placed far to the side of my door, I wouldn’t be able to see the face of my visitor unless he moved to stand in front of the doorbell itself.  With the Homono mount, I should be able to angle the Ring so it doesn’t see the elevator doors and has a better view of someone standing at my door.

Homono makes mounts in black or white and sized to fit the original Ring, Ring 2, and the Ring Pro doorbells.  The Homono Adjustable Angle Mount for Ring doorbells start at $16.00 at Amazon.

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