The Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set is another cost effective option for macro photography

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In the world of macro photography, getting as close as possible to an object to be able to shoot a detailed photo is a very important and enjoyable aspect. Extension tubes are a great way to give non-macro lens the ability to get in closer. They connect between the lens and the camera and work by simply increasing the distance between the lens and the camera sensor. There are many manufacturers of extension tubes which are available in various specifications but ultimately do the same job. What is also important is the build quality, and how well they are threaded to match the lens they are designed to fit, without binding or creating difficulty when putting them on or taking them off.

While many people tend to use tubes manufactured by the same company as their camera, I tend to look for others that are well made and just as efficient, but cost-effective. As a Canon fan, I have one Canon extension tube, but I also have a 3-piece set of Kenko Auto Extension Tubes. The Kenko tubes are well built and work flawlessly. I chose the Kenko set based on the build quality, reviews by other buyers and because the 3 tubes came in the lengths that allowed me to obtain my desired magnification. It is important to understand that extension tubes do not contain any optics. What is also great is that these tubes generally retain the autofocus capability even with my Canon lens. The tube set can be combined in any order to increase the length.

If you would like to give them a try, you can head over to B&H Photo Video or Amazon to pick them up for $124.

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  2. These sound awesome. You need to quit writing up photography reviews. You are making me want to buy more stuff!!!!

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