Phoozy protects your phone from extreme heat, cold, drops, scratches, and it even floats!

Looking not unlike an astronaut sleeping bag for your phone, Phoozy (cute name) claims to also have space-age powers.  Namely, that “It provides military grade protection from the sun, heat, cold, and shock while also providing float protection.”  It is literally made from materials that are used to protect astronauts from the extreme environments of space, and by the stars, it can do the same for your smartphone.  It features a Chromium shell for heat (up to 200 F)/cold (down to -20 F) protection, a Spacetech Ripstop Penetration Layer for toughness, an Impactor Core Layer for drop protection (military 810G 5165.6)and water flotation and a Soft Touch Protective Liner to gently caress your precious phone.  Phoozy is available for many different makes and models of phones for $29.99.  Rocket over to for info or to order.

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