The Embr Wave is going to be a big hit with menopausal women

When I was going through my cancer adventure almost 7 years ago, I was immediately thrown into early menopause with my first chemo treatment. I was really happy about it because periods suck. But in return for losing that “wonderful” body function, I gained a not so fun side effect in its place. Hot flashes. Honestly, the hot flashes never really bothered me that much because I tend to be cold natured. Even so, the Embr Wave wearable from Embr Labs would definitely be a nice way to reverse a hot flash, especially in the summer when you’re already warm.

The Embr Wave is a wristband developed by a group of scientists at MIT that will let you regulate your own temperature from hot to cold just by tapping the device which is in contact with your wrist.

The human body is hard-wired to respond to thermal sensations on the skin. These sensations trigger the regions of your brain that control pleasure and thermoregulation. In this way, Embr Wave leverages your body’s natural response to temperature to help it balance itself & help you feel more comfortable after just a few short minutes.

One charge of the Wave will provide 25-50 sessions of thermal relief.

The Embr Wave is currently available for pre-order for $299 and is expected to ship in July. You can find more info at

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6 thoughts on “The Embr Wave is going to be a big hit with menopausal women”

  1. Hi Julie, I was one of the women who donated to kickstarter and I get my Embr Wave next month. I can hardly wait, not only am I postmenopausal, I also have a severe hormonal imbalance, and I sweat almost constantly. I was lucky enough to get mine at a very big discount. If you reply to my comment, I’ll keep it in my email and once I get it and try it out, I’ll let you know what I think.

  2. I have fibromyalgia with lots of bizarre pains and symptoms. A minutes or two after eating my body temp goes up and I start sweating, will be interesting to see if this impacts my brain. Also am cold much of the time so I need a device that is pretty nimble! Also am also kickstarter early bird.

  3. This is interesting. The problem however is that the heat sensation in a hot flash may be the least bothersome! How about the dashing anxiety feeling, engrossing neuropathic pains, headache and dyspnea, and vomiting that are frequently concomitantly accommodated( like was my case); I am not sure they would be modified( badly needed) by this Gadget.
    Maria Jasmine Freeman

      1. Thanks for caring, and responding! Indeed it is only menopause, an unprecedented one I went through ruling out every single disease entity while my menopause mimicked each of those diseases! I am a physician who was taught menopause as a patient more than in medical school, and my symptoms turned so unfathomably extreme to the point of occurrence of gasping and seizures within a flash, while flashes have been ongoing( currently much ameliorated) for more than 13 years.
        Dr Hana Fayyad
        Maria Jasmine Freeman

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