The HOVR exercise gadget might help you not die from sitting at your desk all day

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We’ve all heard that sitting all day is the new cancer. And that explains why standing desks and treadmill desks have become so popular in the last couple of years. But what about those of you who don’t want to or can’t stand for an extended period of time? Should you just give up and make a reservation at the morgue? Don’t give up just yet. There is another way that you can add more movement to your otherwise sedentary day and burn up to 20% more calories while you’re at it.

I’m talking about the HOVR under the desk active-sitting device. HOVR is kind of like a swing set for your feet and comes in two styles. One that attaches to the bottom of your existing desk, and one that comes with its own frame that sits on the floor under your desk. Both styles provide a place for your feet to rest to provide a non-distracting way to move all day without even thinking about it.

The price for the HOVR ranges from $79.99 – $149.99 depending on which version you go with. For more info visit and head over to Amazon to order one.

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  2. Hello Julie,

    Thanks a lot for all the great reviews. I must say that over the years, I have made many purchase decisions based on them. Like everybody, I also use the customer’s reviews on Amazon to make informed decisions but I find that more and more products with high ratings have fake reviews. I started to use to get an idea of the quality of the reviews and, from their results, the above HOVR exercise gadgets ratings are mostly “unreliable or low quality reviews” (aka Fake). Maybe it would be a good idea to check future products rating quality before featuring them on this website since so many people rely on The Gadgeteer as a source of quality information.

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