Increase your security and peace of mind with this doorstop when you travel

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I’ve seen a lot of security devices for travelers, but many of them tend to be alarms that sound when someone attempts to open the door.  The Veritas Travelers Doorstop is designed more to keep out intruders than to merely alert you to someone breaking in.  It’s made of a solid aluminum wedge with a hardened steel adjustment- and anti-slip screw.  Simply slide the wedge under the door and use the screw to elevate it until the door is solidly wedged closed.  Should anyone push in against the door, the Veritas simply wedges in tighter and the pointed screw digs into the subfloor to keep the door from sliding open.

The wedge works with both concrete and wooden subfloors, and there will be no damage to either the carpet nor the subfloor if no one tries to force open the door.  Veritas weighs only 7 ounces, and it comes with its own travel case.  It’s available for $29.50 from Lee Valley Tools.

4 thoughts on “Increase your security and peace of mind with this doorstop when you travel”

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  2. Michael ODonnell

    Looks interesting. I’d bet the following:

    + Likely to get a bit of scrutiny from TSA. I’ve had less obvious items given the once over.
    + Will be prohibited by Hotels (they need to get in the room for a variety of reasons – not the least is emergency reasons should you be in distress – the ones you sited that are alarm based are OK)
    + Hope this wouldn’t prevent me from exiting quickly in the event of a fire!

  3. This would only work in the hotel room if you’re inside the room. What could the hotel possibly have to say about that? And fires are super rare but you just unscrew it a turn and pick it up.

    I’ve had 3 colleagues given room keys to occupied rooms, or be in the room and the hotel assigned another person to their room and a person entered while my colleages were in the room. Nice, big major hotels. This is a great idea.

    TSA? Stands for ‘Thousands Standing Around’.

    1. I’ve also been in a condo and a person came to spray for bugs INSIDE the condo and just unlocked the door/deadbolt and walked in after knocking only one time. Needless to say, I was NOT happy and told them to go away. This product looks great to me.

  4. Having spent what seems like more than half my life in hotel rooms over many, many years I used a similar item for decades. It was a small RUBBER doorstop. Those are probably hard to find now as they are most likely now made of a harder plastic. I would stick that under the door and give it a good kick (with shoes!). Many times I’ve had maids and others try and enter the room and they couldn’t. And, as somebody mentioned, many times I’ve been assigned a room and given a key only to find somebody in it or their things spread about when they were gone.

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