Noreve leather 10.5″ iPad Pro leather case review

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noreve iPPro 1

Noreve creates a multitude of cases for a wide variety of smart devices, all made with high quality materials and old world craftsmanship. I have reviewed several cases from Noreve over the years and all have been very nice with great low-key European flare. For this review, they have sent me their traditional case for the 10.5″ iPad Pro in Tentation Tropézienne [The Must in Leather].

Design and features

noreve iPPro openempty

I requested Noreve send me their iPad case in Tentation Tropézienne leather and was not disappointed. The leather is very (/extremely/insanely) nice with excellent European craftsmanship. The Tentation Tropézienne leather is handmade by French craftsmen, “A must-have, timeless object, distinguished by a very French style”. The leather is extremely soft and supple with just the right amount of padding.

noreve iPPro angles

The engineering of this case is interesting, the back of the case securely holds the right side of the 10.5″ iPad Pro. The left side (aka hinge side) of the tablet is meant pop out and that edge of the iPad sits in one of the three slots stitched into the front cover. When acting as a stand, it can hold the iPad at the three angles pictured above.

noreve iPPro frontback

The case fits the iPad like a glove. You can see the fine stitching on the left side hinge. The back of the case has the engineered crease enabling it to fold backward.

noreve iPPro logo

The case has a very polished, understated professional look with the only thing of note being the Noreve logo in brushed metal on the lower right-hand corner of the front cover.

noreve iPPro top2

The top has cutouts for the power button, both speakers, mic, and audio plug. The two tabs and edges wrap around the top of the iPad, securing it within the case.

noreve iPPro right

The right side has a smaller cutout for the iPad’s volume buttons.

noreve iPPro base2

The base of the case has a large cutout allowing access to the iPad’s lighting port and speakers. The corners are wrapped in leather and well protected from bumps and scuffs.

noreve iPPro left2

The cover is hinged on the left side of the case.

noreve iPPro opencorner2

The right side of the back case grips the edges of the iPad, wrapping around to the screen.

noreve iPPro opencorner

As I mentioned, the left side is meant to pop on and off the iPad. Initially, this took a good amount of force to slip the iPad from the left corners. But after a few weeks of use, it has loosened up and is much easier to use as intended, though still takes both hands.

noreve iPPro cameracorner

The back of the Noreve traditional case also has an egg-shaped cutout for the iPad Pro’s camera and flash assembly.

noreve iPPro backangled

Overall, the case provides solid protection from bumps, scrapes, and minor falls both open and closed. Though probably wouldn’t provide much protection if dropped on a corner from any real height.

The Noreve traditional Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ leather case is available in 10 types of leather (and a multitude of colors):

  • EVOLUTION [PU – Synthetic leather]
  • PERPÉTUELLE [Smooth leather]
  • AMBITION [Grained leather]
  • EXCEPTION [Nubuck suede-like leather]
  • PULSION [Fluo leather]
  • ILLUMINATION [Patent leather]
  • HORIZON [Special handworked leather]
  • TENTATION TROPÉZIENNE [The Must in Leather]
  • ADDICTION [Saffianoleather]
  • PATINE [Elegance made by the effects of time]


  • Made from gorgeous leather
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Has a polished, understated professional look
  • Well engineered/thought out design
  • Provides good protection from bumps and scuffs


  • None

noreve iPPro inhand

Final thoughts

The Noreve traditional case for the 10.5″ iPad Pro is gorgeous, finely made, protective, and well designed. Absolutely nothing negative to say about this case. Some might find it on the pricey side but in this instant, you get what you pay for. The Tentation Tropézienne leather and French craftsmanship are of the highest quality. So, if you’re looking to splurge on a case that not only protects but wraps your tablet in old world quality…this case is well worth considering.

Price: from $83.22 to $186.03 ($156.65 as reviewed)
Where to buy: Noreve
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Noreve.

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