Carry your laptop in style with the backpack from Duchess Case

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duchess case laptopt backpack

A few years ago, I reviewed a cute little clutch case for the iPad mini from Duchess Case.  The case looked like a clutch handbag instead of a utilitarian bag, so it was ideal for the woman who wanted something more fashionable than the standard tablet case.  I was checking out the Duchess Case website recently because I wondered if they had a similar case to fit the 12.9″ iPad Pro, and I was disappointed to see they don’t have a tablet case that size.  However, they do have a backpack that looks very similar to that cute little iPad mini clutch.

The Backpack for laptop has the same vintage style as the clutch I reviewed, with the same “kisslock” closure used on old-fashioned coin purses and handbags.  The backpack is 13.7″ tall X 9″ wide, so it should handily fit a variety of laptops or a 12.9″ iPad Pro. The bag has two interior sections: one for the laptop, and the other for notebooks, papers, or other gear.  The Backpack for Laptop is made of the same highly textured fabric the mini clutch used, and it’s available in blue, black, green, gray, lemon green, purple, red, or yellow for $159.00 at Duchess Case.

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