Never lose your nice pen again, thanks to Cross and TrackR

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cross peerless trackr pen

I love beautiful writing implements, and I’ve collected a few over the years.  I’ve sadly lost a couple over the years, too.  There are a variety of Bluetooth trackers on the market these days to help you keep up with your valuables, but you can’t exactly hang a fob on your ballpoint pen.  But now, thanks to Cross and TrackR, you’ll be able to find that pen that was left behind or “borrowed” without the use of dangling security fobs.  

The Peerless TrackR ballpoint pen pairs with the TrackR app on your smartphone via Bluetooth (connectivity up to 100ft).  Whenever you walk away from your pen, the pen will notify your app of its last location.  If the pen is disconnected from your mobile device, then TrackR’s Crowd Locate community will automatically start searching for the pen and send you a report of where the pen was when one of the TrackR community passes by it.  And like other TrackR devices, your pen can even help you locate your phone when it’s misplaced, even when your phone is set to silent mode, with a simple press of a button on the pen.

The Peerless TrackR measures 5.76″ long with a 0.52″ diameter; it weighs 1.5 ounces.  The Bluetooth TrackR is powered by two replaceable CR1220 batteries.  The pen is available in Carbon Black or Quartz Blue; both pens are accented in shiny chrome.  The Peerless TrackR Ballpoint Pen is $250, from Cross and $149.99 from Amazon.

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