Halloween sale on Netatmo security cameras (and HomeKit compatibility added too)

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Netatmo is having a Halloween sale on their security cameras so now is the time to purchase if you haven’t already. I reviewed the Netatmo Presence Outdoor Security Camera and the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera and was very pleased with both. The Presence camera can tell the difference between people, car, and animal motions and records only those motions you select. And if it does misidentify something, you can improve its identification skills by correcting the error. It also stores video locally and on your own Dropbox account or FTP server (if you set it up to do so) so it does not require an ongoing subscription fee for cloud storage for your recordings. In addition, Netatmo is adding Apple HomeKit compatibility to the outdoor camera sometime this fall according to a press release. The Presence camera normally sells for $299 and is on sale now for $249. 

The Welcome camera can identify each member of your family and will only record those you wish to record; thus if you only wish to record unknown faces, it will do so. And just like the Presence camera, it records video locally and on your own Dropbox account or FTP server (if you set it up to do so). HomeKit compatibility will be added to this camera by the end of 2017. The Welcome camera itself is not on sale, but if you wish to purchase the Presence camera AND the Welcome camera, you can purchase both for $419 (down from $498).

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