You might not win the next Tour de France, but this DIY bike will turn heads

Gadgeteers love tinkering and building their own gear, so why not a kit to build a wooden bike? The Sandwichbike is a DIY kit that will let you build a cool wooden framed road bike in about an hour.

The Sandwichbike frame is made of weather resistant Beech wood. The bikes are available in single speed or two-speed models and are priced between 899.00 – €1399.00 ($1074.39 – $1671.94). That’s right, they ship from Europe, which means those of us here in the US will have to pay 150.00 ($179.27) to ship a Sandwichbike “across the pond”. Ouch.

If the price of these kits doesn’t make you immediately click the back button on your browser, head over to for more info.

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  • Betty Widerski September 25, 2017, 8:31 am

    I wondered where the brakes were – the site says it comes with a rear hub coaster brake, and a front handle brake is an option.

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