Offbits are cute robot characters that you build from bits and pieces

offbits 1

If you like robots and you like building things, then you will probably love Offbits. Offbits are little kits that use parts like bolts, screws, wingnuts, springs, connectors, and more to create quirky cute robot-like characters.

They are kind of like LEGO for nerds and are available in an assortment of kits that are themed around a specific character. But of course, you can use your imagination and build all sorts of variations.

offbits 3

Each kit comes with a selection of parts and a special tool called the SuperTool that you use to assemble the parts.

offbits 2

There are even Offbits vehicle kits.

Looking at these kits and characters makes me want to go to Lowes and buy some miscellaneous hardware and build my own robot figures.

Each Offbits kit is $14.95. For more info visit and you can order from Amazon.

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