If your favorite color is black, you’re going to love the Swiza Swiss army style knife

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Nine times out of ten, when we get offers to review cases, bags, ear buds, etc, that come in more than one color, the male members of The Gadgeteer always choose black. Are guys afraid of a little color because it’s not considered manly? If that’s the case, then the Swiza D03 ALLBLACK knife has OD’d on testosterone.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Swiza knife features an admittedly cool looking matte black polytetrafluoroethylene (otherwise known as Teflon) coating on all the parts.

It has a 440 steel 75mm (2.95 in) locking blade, a corkscrew, a punch, an awl, tweezers, a bottle opener, a flat-head No. 3 screwdriver, a wire bender, a can opener, and a No. 1 flat-head screwdriver.

The Swiza D03 ALLBLACK is priced at $77.85. For more info visit www.swiza.com and you can check out their non-ninja black knives on Amazon.

11 thoughts on “If your favorite color is black, you’re going to love the Swiza Swiss army style knife”

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  2. Ooo. I want to be the first on the block with a Teflong knife. Is that a longer lasting version of Teflon? Or maybe a sneaky way to get around copyright laws? 😎

    You should also look at the price – my Amazon says this knife is $26.57 (and not $61.25 as you have in the article).

    I know – you guys are testing some wine gadgets and you’ve been sampling the product. 😎

    Teasing aside that is one sexy Swiss blade. I find the red ones too obvious when one whips them out – black is more sedate and undercover.

    1. Grrrrr… darn spell check plugin didn’t catch that…

      The price in the link Amazon link is for the non-black version. Amazon doesn’t have the D01 ALLBLACK listed yet, but I thought people might want to check out the other colors that they do offer.

      1. Oh dear. Sorry. I see in your link you said “non-ninja” version which I didn’t see and I assume that for the standard blade.

        That’s a price big price increase.

  3. Oh more corrections on the article. You’re showing the D03 model (the one with the extra blades) but you referred to it as the D01 model in the article. And the price for the D03 is $31.29 so still not right.

    And it seems they have a bunch of colors with the same non-slip scales however with the black Teflong coating on the blades.

      1. Oops. nevermind. I didn’t notice the other 2 blades in the picture. Can I use the excuse that I’m fasting today and my brain is fuzzy? Yeah, that sounds good…
        Regarding the price, I’m converting from Swiss Francs to US dollars. The D03 is actually $77.85

  4. I don’t totally understand the fascination with black
    however it is a real thing

    sometimes it works against type…in pocket knives, I find that traditional shiny blades get a less negative reaction when i’m using them for work

    I have no idea why

    on another tack
    I prefer all black cameras
    but the last two bargains I purchased were retro-styled brushed stainless and black cameras
    the reason they were as much as 250usd cheaper than their all-black counterparts is because no one would buy them

    1. You are right – all-black cameras cost more. I prefer non-black cameras because they don’t get as hot in the sun, and are cheaper.

  5. “Regarding the price, I’m converting from Swiss Francs to US dollars. The D03 is actually $77.85”

    The Swissie goes for about $1.04 these days, so which currency you use shouldn’t make much of a difference.

  6. Regardless of article typos and currency conversions, it’s a great knife. I got the D03 model (I wanted the corkscrew for my own wine gadget tasting) for USD$34.01 on Amazon. Apart from the non-slip handles (which feel really good) the main blade locks and is released by pushing the hidden button under the cross logo. Very nice indeed.

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