ShiftCam is a 6 in 1 dual lens case for the iPhone 7 Plus

Do you consider yourself an iPhoneographer? You’re not alone if you do. By itself, the iPhone 7 Plus has a great camera, but is there a way to make it and your photos even better? The people behind the successful Kickstarter campaign for the ShiftCam Camera Lens Case think so.

What is a ShiftCam? It’s a specially designed case for the iPhone 7 Plus that features a set of sliding lenses that add telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro capabilities to the built in camera.

The lenses are built right into the case so you don’t have to remember to carry clip-on style lenses with you when you are traveling.

The ShiftCam also offers a hand strap and a built-in grip to give your iPhone a true pocket camera feel. Check out the video below to see how the ShiftCam works.

Do you want a ShiftCam case for your own iPhone 7 Plus? It’s priced at $59.00 through You can also check out their Kickstarter campaign page for extra info.

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