Never lose your Apple AirPods with the PodStraps neck strap


When Apple released the AirPods and I saw them for the first time, I did a double-take because at first, I thought that they were just weirdly shaped earrings.  Now I see them everywhere.  And at a price of $159, I imagine that losing them would be top of mind for most AirPods owners.  So what better solution than to put the wires back on, right??  And that’s exactly what Budstraps did.

For the low price of $14.95, and with a choice of charcoal gray or yellow, you can have peace of mind that if the AirPods pop out of your ear you won’t be chasing them down the pavement.  The PodStraps are 19 inches long and include a cinch to adjust for your fit.  One size fits all.  The material is soft-touch and Budstraps included a pouch for easy carrying, thank you very much!

With your choice of charcoal gray or yellow, you can purchase the PodStraps at and Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Never lose your Apple AirPods with the PodStraps neck strap”

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  2. I’ve tried using some of these back when the airpods came out.. they don’t work – for me at least and actually make the risk of falling out greater than without the strap. If you’re talking about exercising with them, the movement of the strap around the neck (front or back) leads to small tugs and pulls on the airpods which if they are not seated perfectly and firmly in the ears they will get pulled out. With the strap, my airpods wanted to fall out about FIVE TIMES as often as without the strap. I ended up moving to a small earpiece overlay type of attachment that keeps them in solidly.

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