AIDOUT Car Handle helps you get out of your car

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This past Thursday, Jeanne had surgery to remove an angry gallbladder. When we got home after the surgery, we had a little trouble getting her out of my MINI Cooper without causing her pain because my car sits so low to the ground and she had to use her core muscles to help her stand up. An extra handle like the AIDOUT would have come in very handy.

The AIDOUT is a handle that fits in the latch of a vehicle’s door without requiring modification to the car.

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The handle features forged aluminum construction that is strong enough to bear the weight of up to 350 pounds. The handle has a non-slip rubber grip, a built-in flashlight, seat belt cutter and a window breaker.

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The AIDOUT car handle would be a useful tool for anyone that has problems getting out of a car due to injury, illness, surgery, etc.

The AIDOUT is priced at $14.99 and can be purchased from Amazon.

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  2. When I saw this a few months back, my first thought was that car door locks aren’t designed for this sort of force, but the reviews would seem to disagree and are all positive.

    1. With the design, most of the force is actually against the door wall, I think. It basically uses the door lock as the pivot point of a lever. The lock itself is getting pulled (which it *is* designed for) and most of the weight is transferred to the bottom.

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