Tell whether your faucet temperature is hot or cold at a glance with this LED faucet

temperature sensitive led faucet 1When several people use the same faucet, you never know what water temperature you might experience when it’s your turn. With the LightInTheBox Temperature Sensitive Single Handle Centerset LED Lavatory Faucet, you no longer have to whip your hand in and out and risk scalding your skin to see if the water might be too hot. Just looking at the LED equipped faucet will tell you whether the temperature is cold (below 25° C/77° F = Green Light), warm (26-35° C/78-95° F = blue light), hot (36-45° C/96-113° F = red light) or approaching dangerous temperatures (above 45° C/113° F = flashing red light). 

According to the Burn Foundation,

Hot Water Causes Third Degree Burns…
…in 1 second at 156º
…in 2 seconds at 149º
…in 5 seconds at 140º
…in 15 seconds at 133º

…Hot tap water is a major cause of burn injury. As with other scald burns, young children and older adults are most at risk.

…Before placing a child into the bath or getting into the tub yourself…The temperature should not exceed 100º F/39º C. A child’s delicate skin will burn more quickly than an adult’s.

…[You should] Adjust the thermostat setting on your water heater to produce a water temperature of 120º to 125º or less.

In addition to adding a measure of safety to your bathroom, the LightInTheBox Temperature Sensitive Single Handle Centerset LED Lavatory Faucet adds a bit a color to it as well with the LED lights. The faucet is made of a solid brass body with a chrome finish and uses a tempered glass spout. It is powered by 4 AA batteries, measures 6″ x 4″ x 2″, installs in a single hole, and comes with two water hoses. It is available from for $54.99.

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