SCOSCHE’s new MagicMount Wall Charger gets the clutter off the counter


The Scosche MagicMount Wall Charger is designed as a neater way to charge your mobile device in the kitchen where wall outlets are normally much higher on the wall above countertops. Instead of setting your phone on the counter where it and the attached cable can get in the way of cooking, the Scosche 12W (2.4A) AC adapter features powerful rare-earth Neodymium magnets that hold your phone up and out of the way. SCOSCHE’s MagicMount ships with a large and small MagicPlate metal plate for mounting a mobile device to the wall charger. And there’s no need to worry about the back of your device because the MagicMount Wall Charger’s surface is covered by a non-scratch silicone pad that prevents any scratching to the back of your phone. The Scosche MagicMount Wall Charger is available now for $29.99 MSRP at

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