Apples or Pixels, which will it be?

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Julie and I have been discussing what new smartphones are on the horizon for years now. Always hopeful of the next one peaking our Gadgeteer interest enough to pull the trigger. Most recently we focused on the iPhone 7/7+, both of us drinking the Kool-Aid Tim Cook was pouring during the announcement event. I, like Julie, was ready to order the 128gb black iPhone 7+ @1201 on 16 Sept but ultimately decided to wait a bit to see if Apple’s magic would dissipate over time. Regardless of the price tag, leaving the Android OS is a semi-significant tech-life-change. Add in the fact, I still really like and enjoy using my Nexus 6p that I have had nearly a year…no matter what smartphone I try I’m always happy to return my Huawei made phablet. But with this year’s iPhone extravaganza behind us, Google’s moment in the spotlight is just mere weeks away. Hopefully bringing us a new pair of Pixel (cough Nexus) flagships to ponder if they are worth the money and effort to switch. That said, the current rumor spiraling around the Pixel and Pixel XL is that while their specs will be worthy enough, they will cost as much as the equivalent iPhone…which is crazy. If true or if their specs are lacking, that will finally most likely be the straw that gets me to try a modern day iPhone. How many of you Android fans/diehards are tempted by the latest iPhone?

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  2. I was slightly tempted by the new Apple. The last time I had an Apple iphone was over 5 years ago with the 5. I admit I do get bored sometimes with Android just because I am so familiar with it. However it is that familiarity that often makes me frustrated when using an iPhone. My husband is an Apple phanboy and I will sometimes have to use his phone for him when he is driving. It is frustrating to have no back button. Also, to have a screen with nothing but app icons is also frustrating. I love my calendar widget and Audible widget.

    I am currently on a Note 5 and HATE the fact I had to wait over 8 months to get the latest Android update. I also hate all of the AT&T apps that are on the phone along with some galaxy apps that I never use. I know I can jail brake, but at this point I just do not want to mess with it anymore. I am actually looking forward to getting a slightly smaller screen with the new Pixel. The Note’s 5.7 in screen is the largest I probably would want to carry around. I am disappointed that in order to get the best camera I would have to get a phone that is even taller than my current Note. I will note that I am not horribly exited by the design of the new Pixel from what I can see. They look so dated now with the large bezels compared to what Samsung has put out. I also really wish they would keep wireless charging but I am pretty sure that is out also.

    So I anxiously await the announcements of the new Pixels and hopefully new watches. Until then, I will hang on to my Note 5 and see what wondrous things Apple may have next year.

  3. Hi Lynn: Being tech-bored is, at least in some part, my issue with potentially switching to the iPhone/iOS. My fear is that I get the 7+ and pine for my N6p a couple days after switching over.

    1. My 6P got Nougat this morning and now all I want to do is take the SIM out of the iPhone 7 and jump back into Android. I am giving it at least till Friday before I make up my mind… if I can hang on that long. It’s getting tough.

  4. I’m holding on to my Nexus 6 for the forseable future. Until someone makes a phone with a larger screen, stereo speakers, and Qi charging I’m not going to budge. Anything else feels like a downgrade.

  5. I’ve been tempted by the iPhone many times before, only to be disappointed by so many ‘lackings’ compared to Android. Android vs. Apple must be a left brain, right brain thing and I’m stuck on the Android side. Not even considering the iPhone 7. Was smitten by the Samsung Note 7 for the few days I could hold it in my hand before it was recalled. Now waiting for the non-recalled Note 7 but slightly interested in the Pixel, although the leaked photos look rather boring.

    1. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been to the Apple store several times to hold and play with the 7 & 7+ since it became available. While the hardware is impressive, in the 5-10 minutes I played with iOS, it seemed more robust and capable than what I remember from back in the day.

  6. I’ve never had an update for my Android notepad (3 years old now). It was my first and last attempt to get out of the Apple garden. However, security and privacy would have also been deal breakers. There’s no reason a train ticket app needs mandatory access to my location, contacts, phone (including the ability to make calls????) and web browser history – unless it’s stealing my information and selling it on.

    Problem is that I’ll probably have to leave Apple eventually because of the way their phones are going. I’ve got a 6 but I don’t use it because it’s too big, too slippery and the battery barely makes it to tea time; I’ve installed it in the car as an iPod. The 7 hasn’t got an earphone socket so it’s no use at all for me – and I assume that will go for the 8,9,10, until the phones get so thin and useless that Apple come to thei senses, but I’ll be dead by then.

    I stocked up on three SEs at the Apple shop last week to make sure I’ve got a decent phone for the next few years, although iOS updates will probably make them obsolete before the batteries die.

  7. It’s not the phone per-se, though in my time with ios I’ve found many shortcomings compared to Android. The real problem is that you have to buy into apple’s whole ecosystem. Work gave me an ipad for a while, and trying to use it for media I already owned, but didn’t buy from apple was a complete mess. I probably wouldn’t ever get an iphone as my daily driver, but the fact that ios can’t play nice in a mixed environment means I’ll also never considered another ipad.

  8. I love my Nexus devices. I love the fact I get updates straight away. I love the fact there’s no bloatware and I can do what I like. I’m going to hate the Pixel XL price but I’ll be getting it anyway due to the previously mentioned points…

  9. After being a dedicated Android user all of these years I plan on jumping ship from Android to iOS this Fall. Sure I’ll miss my wireless phone charging. For me it comes down to the fact that I can get 4 years of painless OTA OS updates with an Apple phone (with a midlife battery replacement) and Google is only willing to provide 2 years of painless OTA major updates. Sure the old hardware won’t necessarily support all of the latest iOS bells/whistles but my kids won’t care when I hand them my 2 year old iPhone and buy the latest one for me. I’ll gladly pay Apple’s $ premium for that support. Also, up until now its always felt like Google sells phones as a sideline and really isn’t strongly committed to the business. Apple’s bread/butter is the iPhone and it seems (from watching my wife’s experience) to take its customers’ experience more seriously.

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