TrustBag is nearly impenetrable yet low profile

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Got trust issues? With people stealing your stuff when you’re out and about, that is? I think we all do, to varying degrees. To assuage this tendency and actually keep our valuables safer, TrustBag might be just the product. While in appearance it looks to the casual observer to be a simple drawstring gym bag (albeit with a bit more styling than average), it is packed (see what I did there) with security features. For starters, the outer bag material is handwoven from a soft-to-the-touch, high-molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and other state-of-the-art fibers which resists cuts, rips and abrasions. The inner bag, made from urethane-coated 200 denier nylon fabric, is water resistant as well as RFID-blocking for theft protection for your credit cards or passport. The carry handle/closure is a flexible, cut, tear and rip-proof wired belt (with 49 strings of stainless steel embedded in it) with a tensile strength of 1000 pounds and two heavy-duty locks are available to secure it: the German ABUS and the American Master Lock. The four shoulder straps are made from mountain climbing-grade cords, also with a tensile strength of 1000 pounds. There’s also a snap-hook for keys inside! But all this comes with a price tag: regularly $189, the TrustBag is currently priced at $149. Visit for more info and to order.

14 thoughts on “TrustBag is nearly impenetrable yet low profile”

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    1. Nope. I’ve never heard of Loctote until you posted that link and I have no idea who may have “ripped off” whom. I just happened upon TrustBag, thought it looked interesting and posted a news item about it here.

      1. Loctote was funding in indiegogo and kickstarter for a long time before they started shipping product. And suddenly, trustbag comes out with the exact same product and promotional videos. Not to mention, if you try posting Loctote’s name on Trustbag’s website, it automatically blocks your comment. I tried asking why there was the same product and copycat from another company.

  2. antonio testolin

    Did anyone actually buy one? I am in the 8th week and have not received it? They say 6-8 weeks. But I am concern that I may have been ripped off?


    1. Hy Antonio would you be so kind and let me know if you receve the bag ,and what do you think of it? I am also very interested in it . Cheers

    2. I did buy one – it did arrive after about 8.5 weeks. Tell you what – it’s total crap! It arrived – we took the test with a knife – and behold: A hole which got bigger in the minute you put your finger in there….

      It’s a scam

    3. I received mine in Germany today, November 18th. I had ordered on August 13th!
      I haven’t opened the bag yet. I had cancelled my order a few days ago and I’m not sure anymore, whether I actually want to have it. There are 2 devastating reviews on…

  3. I ordered mine on August 5 2016. Today is October 21 2016 and I have corresponded with them on several occasions requesting a refund. My credit card was charged on August 6 2016. Since this is NOT a Kickstarter or Indigogo campaign it is illegal in the US to charge an individual prior to the merchandise being shipped. I assembled all of my supporting documentation and sent it to a local TV station which helps consumers with situations just like this. On their Facebook page my complaint, before deleted was supported by others who have ordered the item, yet not a single person has received a bag. In clicking on a “View your order” link they sent me it led to a broken URL link, further proof to me that this firm is bogus.

    Other than self promoted reviews from Trustbag AKA Laybag I have NOT seen an actual review of the product on any site. I’m confident that media assisting me will uncover the fraud and try to recover money for consumers.

  4. My bag was ordered on 8th of August with 6-8 weeks delivery time.
    I am writing this on 15th of November, still without my purchase delivered.
    Communication with the store is hardly possible as they sometimes answer after 2 weeks. They promise updates that they don’t later provide and absolutely ignore my requests for a refund.
    Don’t buy from them, it’s a waste of time, money and your nerves.

  5. These people are total scammers, I’m also waiting for over 3 month for a delivery, also can’t contact these a-holes.

  6. Mine arrived …
    fell apart first time using it!
    NO answer, NO refund
    Feeling (a bit) ripped off now!!!

    For everyone who’s still interested use the original from the american crowdfounders loctote.

  7. Mine also fell apart after just one time use! Totally useless and the customer support is not responding at all! DO NOT BUY

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