ONAGOfly Smart Nano Drone coming to the skies near you

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onagoflyI am seeing more and more drones around where I live zooming through the sky.  There are many uses for drones of course besides just having fun.  For example, a bunch of realtors around here use drones to give a bird’s eye view of properties, which is pretty cool.  At the recent CES show the ONAGOfly debuted to attendees, fueled by an Indiegogo campaign that quickly gathered the funds they needed for development.  The developers have already delivered to the majority of the campaign backers of the $300 drone, which will be coming to retail outlets soon.

It weighs less than half of a pound and is 5 inches in diameter, has a barometric sensor to enable hovering in place, and has automatic takeoff/landing.  It works with iOS and Android via a free app, and lasts about 15 min or so on one battery charge. But there are 2 stand-out features in my mind.  The first one is the infrared sensors to automatically avoid obstacles.  The second feature is the built-in GPS that enables the drone to be released and then follow your phone wherever it goes, so that the drone can record you with its 1080 HD camera while you do whatever you do… snowboard, run, bike, whatever!  I haven’t seen any drone able to do that. Go to their website linked below and watch the promotional video posted there.

For more information about this drone, go to the ONAGOfly website.

7 thoughts on “ONAGOfly Smart Nano Drone coming to the skies near you”

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  2. This drone is a scam., They have defrauded 17,000 people out of 3.5 MILLION dollars! OnagoFly has admitted that drones don’t function as continually advertised, yet they shipped anyway. There is NO customer service or replacement parts availability. These people have put lives and property at risk by shipping a product without any QA, that does not function as described and is dangerous. They have a NO REFUND policy, so you are stuck with this brick.
    Please save your reputation by actually reviewing this product. It is NOT what it seems!

  3. Thank you for your comment. This post is not a review but simply a news item. We periodically post news items about upcoming products, and we are not able to provide a full review on those products that are not readily available to the public. If this product ever does become available to the general public we would certainly like to review it and give our readers the benefit of a full and thorough review.

  4. I have one new in box. I will be glad to trade for something I can use and you can have it, review it, use it for the worlds most expensive paperweight. Let me know.

    1. Same here! Won’t charge because the charging block barely lights 1 light and warms up hot enough to fry an egg in about 20 seconds, Best part? They want ME to pay to return everything (postage BOTH ways). I think I’ll just let it get hot, cause injury to me and family, and then sue their pants off.

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