GOATcase develops anti-gravity case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones

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Selfie takers take notice, GOATcase has developed an anti-gravity case that will stick to any smooth surface. To accomplish this it uses “nano suction technology” which is really just a fancy term for many tiny suction cups. GOATcase claims that the case will adhere to smooth surfaces like wood, a whiteboard, metal, mirrors, and a computer screen. They warn that the surface should be clean and smooth before you stick the case to it. Besides the obvious of taking selfies, the case can be used for watching videos, Skype calls, and monitoring your gym exercise techniques. Available to purchase directly from GOATcase’s website for $24.95. Click through below for a video detailing the capabilities of the GOATcase anti-gravity case.

18 thoughts on “GOATcase develops anti-gravity case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones”

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  2. Scam. I ordered the Iphone case. It does not stick as described. The company website says it gives you 24 hours to file a claim for a refund, yet no instructions on how to do so. 4 unanswered emails later, their chat feature being “offline” during business hours, I finally called and spoke to someone. I was told that they were “too stressed out” to respond to me and that I needed to film a video and email it to be reviewed for a refund. Emailed to the same email address that has ignored my 4 previous attempts. The tone of the company is that of a fly-by-night scam or a start-up that did not have an actual business leader involved.

    Bottom line: don’t waste your money.

  3. Its a scam! It’s a phone case from China with a sticker pad on th back! Do not get!!! I just received mine 2 1/2 weeks later and their return/exchange policy doesn’t except anything after 14 days of purchase. Well mine came in way later… Because it was shipped from China! Don’t trust this company! After a few usage, I’m sure your phone will fall off the surface you stuck it to… Since im sure the damn sticker will wear off.

  4. I placed an order on 8/26. USPS website states the shipping label was created on 8/30 but they have not received the product. It’s 9/16 and I still have nothing. DON’T TRUST THEM!!!!!!!

    1. I am dealing with the same situation. The label was created on 12/19 and it still has not been picked up by the USPS. They have now stopped replying to my FB messages. I am contacting a lawyer.

  5. Beware! Scam! Do not purchase! You won’t receive your item within 3-5 business days. I purchased mine 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t got out of pre-shipping status. Which means only the label that goes on the box has been printed. They don’t respond to emails and their phone number won’t connect to anyone, just a voicemail box stating its full.

  6. Horrible company. Can’t say if the case is good because I haven’t received it yet. Ordered 4 weeks ago. They don’t respond to emails and can find no number to call. Don’t get scammed. Steer clear of this company.

  7. took a bit to get to me (like two weeks). it took me 10 minutes to realize there was a film on the back, but it works just as it is advertised.

  8. We ordered a couple of Goat Cases in early December for Christmas presents. Took over 3 weeks to get them. Christmas came and no cases. 1 of the Cases was for the wrong product. Returned it to them (Paid money out of my pocket to ship it back to NJ – $6.45). Asked for a full refund since Christmas had already passed. Not only would they not refund me for my shipping costs (because of their screw up) the best they could do was give me a refund that shorted me $3.00 from the original cost of $29.95. Total Dollars I was out of my pocket was $9.45. Said something about a restocking fee. What a joke. Customer Service is pitiful. Don’t trust this company.

  9. I ordered ons, it lasted for all of a couple of hours and only stuck to about 3 surfaces before it wore off. I was stupid enough to think the stickiness lasted forever ? Guess not. Should make it more clear how long they last. Mine came from Be Jing ?!

    1. You have to wash them just like any suction device. If they get oil on them they need to be cleaned. Just imagine a suction cup hanger in your bathroom. If it gets oil it will not give the proper suction. Also the New Transparent ones are a bit better than the old.

  10. I ordered my case on 12/31 and now it’s 30/01 and i have still no news about my order! the delivery company Globegistics said that they processed the parcel on 05/01 but i did not receive anything yet. I tried to contact them for three weeks but no answer, not to emails not to phone calls. Now they introduced on their website support via online-chat but they are not able to say anything else then .. “be patient we will sort out your issue”! DON’T TRUST THEM!!!!!!! Do not purchase! They are not reliable at all!

  11. Katrina Litchfield

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! My daughter ordered her GOATcase on January 10th. It is February 15/17 and it still hasn’t arrived although my Visa was charged on January 10th. I have made several attempts to get this rectified but no one answers emails, I have commented on their site and Facebook but they block it. On the GOATcase website Live Chat all they tell me is that someone will contact me, but to date and although I have “chated” several times I have had NO ONE contact me. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

  12. Sorry you guys lost money and are waiting on these guys. We have also these but we only supply to the USA at the moment. All orders will come with tracking so you KNOW it’s coming! We have the old models from last year and the new Transparent ones as well. Also for any new customers you can use the discount coupon WELCOME for 15% off on anything in our store.

    Gadgets Online (Your One Stop Gadget Shop)
    Website: http://www.Gadgetsonline.co
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  13. Ordered a case on January 23rd, waited two weeks before contacting them, as my tracking number wouldn’t show anything. The person I talked to said that they were having problems with UPS, and that they would expedite my order. So I waited another week and contacted again, because there was still no tracking status. The second person I talked to said that UPS had actually lost my order completely, something the first person never told me. So she offered a full refund on my order, along with another case sent to me. That sounded fair, so I agreed and she told me to keep an eye out for the refund, and the new tracking label. Waited a couple days, and still nothing. Then contacted again, and they told me to just be patient. So I gave it about 5 more days, contacted ONE more time, and the guy I spoke to said that there was no refund request put in, or a new order sent. So I told him what the lady had told me, and asked him to make that happen for me. He then informed me that he can give me a refund, but not a new case as well. Seriously?! After been given the run-around FOUR times by this company, they won’t even honor a promise made by themselves?! He then offered me 50% off of another case, but they’re the last people I want to give any of my money to. Worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. Oh, and they filter all the reviews on their page. I posted this review, and they would not publish it. If you look on the site, it’s all 5 star reviews.

  14. This anti gravity phone case is quite cool, and really useful. I used one myself but the main issue was that because its constantly ‘exposed’ it catches a lot of dirty very quickly and so looses its grip.. so that was quite disappointing..

    Luckily, I found another product (GRIPAD) that fixes that issue, its not a phone case, but a little sticker with a cover that protects it from catching dirt when you don’t use it – so that’s one big advantage!
    Another great thing about this anti gravity phone holder, is that its NOT only for phones, you can also use GRIPAD for tablets, kindles, GoPro cameras and so on.. so that’s huge!
    And of course, if you do want to use it for you phone – it matches ALL phones, so you don’t need to buy a specific one for your phone type/size AND when you upgrade your phone – you can still use it with your new phone!
    You can find out more about this anti gravity phone holder here: https://www.getagripad.com

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