Minimalist iPhone “case” takes naked to another level

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I prefer Android OS to iOS, but I often flirt with the idea of going back to using an iPhone as my primary phone because iPhones get all the cool add-on accessories like the DxO camera and these cool corner bumper protectors from Corners4. Made in the USA from machined and cast aluminum, these bumpers are designed to easily attach to the corners of the iPhone 4S through the 6S Plus using 3M adhesive. They are available in several colors like gold, silver, rose gold and graphite. If you’re inclined to add a little bling to your phone, there is even a style that looks like a skull with Swarovski crystals for eyes. Obviously, these “cases” are not going to protect your iPhone from rough handling in harsh environments, but the Corners4 bumpers will offer some drop protection without covering up your phone with an ugly bulky case. Prices for the Corners4 bumpers start at $39.99 and go up to $64.00. For more info visit

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