Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet provides slimmed-down travel carry


I travel outside the USA for work several times per year and one thing I am a bit paranoid about is carrying my passport with me everywhere I go. I even take it to the hotel gym with me. However, I also always carry my iPhone with me and often I want my wallet as well. There are several really nice travel/passport wallets on the market from companies like Bellroy that hold both a passport as well as wallet-type items, but most of them are a bit bulky. That’s why the Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet caught my eye. It appears to be a minimalist travel wallet that holds your passport, several cards, some cash and even a boarding pass. I like that it appears to have a relatively small footprint and slim profile. It will be made from either pebble-texture or smooth eco-synthetic leather. The Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet is currently in a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign which ends on June 4, 2016. Reward levels start at $18 plus shipping. Dash over and check it out!

2 thoughts on “Dash Minimalist Travel Wallet provides slimmed-down travel carry”

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  2. Wouldn’t it just be easier to use the hotel room safe? I spend about 150 nights a year in hotels and the only time I lost my passport was when I had my bag stolen due to looking down the barrel of a handgun!

    1. 1) Depends on how much you trust the hotel room “safe.”
      2) There are those of us who think it best to have our passport on our person at all times while traveling abroad, in case of incidents in which you may need to immediately and clearly identify yourself as a citizen of your particular country.

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