KoalaSafe is a kill switch for the internet that controls screen time for your kids

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I don’t have children, but I can only guess how much “fun” parents have when it’s time to tell their kids to turn off their tablets and laptops at the end of the day. I am imagining the tantrums and meltdowns that happen when the internet can’t be accessed and that’s just what happens to me! Telling kids that it’s time to turn off their devices to either go to bed or do something else has to be stressful. The KoalaSafe has been designed to make this task much easier. It’s a small device that you hook up to your existing router that creates a new wireless N network that you can control with an app on your iOS or Android device. The app features a one-click “Turn Internet Off” button as well as the ability to set access time limits based on day of the week and user. It can also block sites and apps based on name and will allow parents to view a weekly report of the amount of time kids have spent on various sites. Parents can continue using their existing wireless network while their kids use the new KoalaSafe network. The KoalaSafe is priced at $99. For more info visit KoalaSafe.com or Amazon to check prices and order.

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  2. “Internet off, or I’ll take your tablet and throw it in the trash can”


    Actually SO far, we’ve done fairly well on the “no more tablet” discussions. Had a few melt downs, but ended that quickly when he realized that if he did that he lost it for the next day (he’s almost 3). Once he got that concept no more tantrums. (Not saying he doesn’t plead for more time, it just doesn’t break down into the loud/crying/screaming). But I also have a seperate “kids” Wifi in my house. It’s filtered, and has time locks, etc. But My solution is a bit more pricy. Cisco Meraki AP’s.

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