HTC is back with the HTC 10

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HTC is attempting to get back into the Android Smartphone game with its newly released H10 model. The question is do they offer enough to sway users from the leader of the pack, Samsung’s Galaxy S7? It comes with a very solid unibody aluminum design that underwent 10000 hrs of drop tests. The downside is that a metal housing means no wireless charging. HTC claims that their touch screen is 30% faster than the Galaxy S7. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor with 4gb of ram and 32gb of internal storage that you can expand using a microSD card. HTC claims battery life can be up to two days with light usage but in reality it will get you through one heavy day which is still pretty good. The display is a bright and sharp 5.2″ with Quad HD resolution. Sounds impressive but independent testing gives the nod to Samsung in this area. The rear camera has an impressive 12 megapixels with an optically stabilized lens and auto-focus. The HTC 10 audio has a unique speaker design where the tweeter is placed in the earpiece and the woofer is placed on the lower bottom edge. This creates a unique listening experience that far exceeds HTC’s old two front speaker design. Overall, kudos to HTC for officially getting back into the smartphone game. Is this going to knock the Galaxy S7 off of its thrown? That remains to be seen, but give HTC an “E” for effort as this phone should be a solid performer.  Unlocked price is $699.99 with availability in May. Visit for more info and to pre-order.

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