WaterField Designs unveils new Atelier iPad Pro Gear cases

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San Francisco based WaterField Designs has announced a new line of premium leather gear for the Apple iPad Pro. The new Atelier iPad Pro Gear cases include an Apple Pencil Case and an iPad Gear Case. Both are designed to hold the Apple Pencil. The smaller Pencil case is a minimalist case just for the Apple Pencil. It is made of full grain leather in a peanut brown color and has a metal pocket clip on the back. The iPad Pro Gear case can also hold the Pencil in a dedicated slot and has space to also hold an extra tip, earbuds and charging adapter. The naturally-tanned leather cases have a red Ultrasuede lining that is soft and won’t scratch the contents of the case. I like the look of both items but am not too thrilled with the black block printing on the front that says “WATERFIELD DESIGNS | MADE IN SF”. I’d rather have that on the back. It just doesn’t look good in my opinion. If that doesn’t matter to you, the Atelier iPad Pencil Case is priced at $29 and the Atelier iPad Gear Case is $69. Both are available now at sfbags.com

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