Charge your laptop and two mobile devices simultaneously with this small portable laptop charging adapter


Laptop cables and charging adapters are big and bulky and pain to travel with. The Zolt Laptop Charger is a relatively small adapter meant to replace that bulky mess when traveling. It comes with a six foot PC charging cable, 8 universal PC tips allowing the charger to fit most PC laptops, and a travel pouch. It will even work with some Mac laptops although the appropriate compatible cables are an additional purchase (see their compatibility checker to determine if the Zolt will work with your PC or Mac laptop). It has three USB ports to charge your laptop and two other devices simultaneously and delivers the exact power that they all need (70W total power). There is a light on the end of the adapter that illuminates to let you know that it is charging your devices. It is safe to use, works with 120V to 240V, and is “93mm in length, 34mm in diameter and weighs 100g – 1/3 the size of most laptop chargers currently on the market.” In addition, the cable can be neatly wrapped around the adapter and the prongs folded in to make the Zolt as compact as possible for portability. It even rotates 90° when plugged into an outlet to avoid blocking other outlets. This is a traveler’s best friend and it’s available from Zolt for $99.99.

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