Maverick Housewares PT-100 thermometer review

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Maverick PT-100-01

Since I know so little about cooking, I approach it like I would any engineering problem:  I follow directions when possible.  One essential cooking tool I need is a reliable thermometer.  Let’s see how the Maverick PT-100 thermometer works out.

Maverick PT-100-02

• Commercial Grade Thermometer with NSF approval
• Type K Thermocouple with integral stainless precision micro tip probe
• Water & Dust resistant to IP44
• Shock resistant against multiple 3’ drops onto concrete floor
• High Contrast LCD with Big .5” Backlit Blue-White Digits on Black Display
• Temperature range: -40F (-40C) – 450F (230C)
• 100% Factory Calibration Certificate included guarantees performance & accuracy to NIST standards
• Dimensions closed: 7.4” x 2.2” x .7″
• Probe length: 5″
• Auto Power Save after 5 minutes of inactivity
• Unit turns ON/OFF automatically when the probe is pivoted
• LCD Resolution is: .1C/.1F
• Low battery indicator
• Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Handy Cooking Chart on body
• Uses 3AAA batteries (included)

If you’re curious, you can download the instruction manual here.

Maverick PT-100-03

The PT-100 takes three AAA batteries, which are included.  Note the battery door has a small rubbery seal around the opening.  The PT-100 is rated for water and dust resistance to IP44.  This isn’t waterPROOF, but “water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.”

Maverick PT-100-04

Maverick PT-100-05

Flipping the temperature probe out turns the PT-100 on.  The temperature is displayed with a backlit, inverted LCD (light numerals on dark background).

Maverick PT-100-08

That tiny inset dot on the right of the label is a Fahrenheit to Celsius toggle.

Maverick PT-100-07

The PT-100 has rubbery bumpers around the corners, including a loop for a wrist lanyard.

Maverick PT-100-09

To turn the PT-100 off, simply push the temperature probe into the folded position.  I noticed the probe didn’t really clip or snap into place like I would have expected.  It just kind of sits there.  There’s also an auto power save feature (5 min of inactivity).

Maverick PT-100-06

The model I received had a food temperature guideline printed on it.  This is different than the label shown on the website or packaging, which shows a F-to-C conversion table.

Maverick PT-100-17

Also different is the LCD display itself.  The package (and website) shows an analog representation of a bar graph.  No such feature on the actual sample I received.

Maverick PT-100-10

The PT-100 comes with a calibration certificate, with date and serial number.

Maverick PT-100-11

Maverick PT-100-12

The Maverick PT-100 looks a lot like my old standby, a very old ThermoWorks Thermapen.  Unlike the PT-100, my old Thermapen uses an oddball A23 battery, does not have a backlit LCD, and my particular version won’t display Celsius.

Maverick PT-100-13

Maverick PT-100-14

The PT-100 is also heavier as well.  Those AAA batteries don’t weigh nothing.  I suppose if you carry one in your shirt pocket all day, this might make a difference.

Maverick PT-100-16

I put both thermometers into some cold water.  As expected there was a variance in the temperature readout.

Maverick PT-100-15

Next I did a warm water test.  Again, some differences.  I even brought in the ThermoWorks ThermaQ to join in the bath.

But which is correct?

Some things to consider:

  • The listed accuracy of the PT-100 is +/- 2 degrees F (at 0-212F).  If I recall, my old ThermaPen was a pricey unit with an accuracy of within < 1 degree F.
  • In testing, I noticed the ThermaPen, which at the time of manufacture was considered “super fast”, settled at a temperature about 3 seconds faster than the PT-100.
  • For cooking or baking, I really question the need for the 0.1 degree display resolution.  That’s just me.  Give me a whole number and I’m happy.  The later (current) versions of the ThermaPen can round off the last digit to a whole number.

The Maverick PT-100 Thermometer has some great features I wish all kitchen thermometers have; a backlit LCD, water resistance, and auto shutoff.  I would like the ability to disable the final tenths digit, especially if accuracy is only +/-2F, and the difference in packaging (conversion table and bar graph) make me wonder a little.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Maverick Housewares. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order one.

Product Information

Price:$99.99 MSRP, $51 through Amazon
Manufacturer:Maverick Housewares
  • 3 AAA batteries (included)
  • Backlit display, splash resistant (IP44), uses common AAA batteries, can switch display between degrees F and C.
  • Sample was not exactly as pictured. Probe doesn't seem to lock shut. Listed accuracy may be fine for home cooking, might not for those needing more precision.

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