T-mobile introduces Binge On – free video streaming without using your data

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I’ve been a T-mobile customer for all of 2015 because of no contracts, free music streaming, and free mobile hotspot all for a cheaper price than the AT&T contract that I was using previously. Today during the Uncarrier 10 Live Event, T-mobile announced Binge On which allows you to stream video free without having to use your data. This includes video services like Netflix, HBO Now, HBO Go, Hulu, WatchESPN, Vevo, and Showtime to name just a few (video services need to meet the technical requirements to participate in Binge On so there is no YouTube yet, but they are working with them). Binge On will allow you to stream video at 480p or higher and the program will start on November 15 for Simple Choice users (those using 3 GB or more) who are subscribers of those video services (no sign-up required). I’m so excited about this! Binge On fellow T-mobile users!

4 thoughts on “T-mobile introduces Binge On – free video streaming without using your data”

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  2. This is AWESOME! I’ve been with T-Mobile since the summer, but have not regretted the switch form the Blue DeathStar of AT&T for a minute. Paying less and getting more – what’s not to like?

    1. I’m with you, Smythe. Google Fi is the only other provider that might tempt me because you pay for only what you use, but with all that T-mobile offers (music streaming, mobile hotspot and now video streaming), I think I’ll be staying put. I’m lucky because I happen to live in a huge metroplex which means that I haven’t had any problems with coverage and I know that this is a concern for those who live in more rural areas. But I’ve been very happy so far and things just seem to be getting better!

  3. Kathleen,
    im unsure what phone you have, but shouldnt you be disappointed that you have a 1080 or 2K display, and now your video will only be playing in 480? Tmobile automatically opts you into this new service.
    PS im a loyal customer with their $30/5gb plan

    1. This program is unique and offered to us for free but we also have the option to turn it off or opt out so I don’t see the downside here. They say that streaming will be 480p or BETTER. I’ll be trying it out to see just how things go, but I must admit that I’m still excited about it.

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