Cook your wieners in the GoSun Solar Cooker

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I like the idea of grilling outdoors, but over the years I’ve tried a gas grill and a charcoal grill and didn’t like using either one. Gas grills are a hassle because you have to replace the gas canister when it becomes empty. Charcoal grills are dirty, messy and make me paranoid that I’m killing myself with the lighter fluid fumes that I end up breathing and eating. Is there a better and easier method of cooking? The GoSun Solar Cookers look very interesting to me for several reasons. They don’t use gas, charcoal or electricity because they use the power of the sun. GoSun sells several different models of their solar cookers, but the one I’m showing here is the GoSun Sport. It features a glass tube where you place the uncooked food and parabolic reflectors that direct the sunlight to cook the food in as little as 20 minutes at temperatures approaching 550°F / 290°C even under cloudy skies! The cooker is portable, comes with a 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re interested in buying one, the price of the GoSun Sport is $279.99. Visit for more info or Amazon to buy one.

5 thoughts on “Cook your wieners in the GoSun Solar Cooker”

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  2. I just don’t understand the allure of gas grills and something like this.

    When I grew up, we used charcoal. Part of what made everything taste good was when the fat from meat dripped onto the coals, and flames would engulf the food giving it a burnt coating.
    Yes, I know it made it hard to cook the food on the inside.
    Yes, I know the burnt coating is a carcinogen.
    But that’s what made grilling (we called it a barbecue) so wonderful.
    Of course we didn’t have a deck and it took so much time to get out the grill, wait for the charcoal to heat up, and then cook the food that it was a really special treat.
    Today people seem to grill every night in hot or cold weather.

    But I don’t see this solar thing flaming up.

    It looks good for camping or after the apocalypse, but not for an ordinary deck.

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