Knife Fork & Spoon, again

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Knife Fork & Spoon

Back in June 2013, I wrote about this neat product on Kickstarter. I thought is was a rather interesting take on an issue I had seen while working. The project was the Knife Fork & Spoon. Unfortunately, it did not reach its funding goal and was not produced. Well, it’s back. The Knife Fork & Spoon project has been resurrected on Kickstarter. The Knife Fork & Spoon is a two-piece cutlery set designed with three functions built into it, the knife, the fork and the spoon. The fork is the base of the unit and holds the spoon/knife combo when being carried. The spoon has a spoon on one end and the knife on the other. I like this product because it solves the issue of having decent cutlery available on the go. The Knife Fork & Spoon project is seeking funding until September 3, 2015. There are several pledge points for this project with a £ 8 (approximately $12.37) pledge getting you one green and yellow Knife Fork & Spoon set. If successfully funded the Knife Fork & Spoon is slated to ship in the December 2015 time frame.

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