Bring your lights to life with style using this Frankenstein Light Switch Plate


When watching movies or TV shows, I will sometimes see a character flip a big power switch and think to myself how fun it would be to do the same. Well, now it is possible. Nicksprints85 uses 3D printing to make such things as this Frankenstein Light Switch Plate, hence the switch plate is made of plastic and not metal. The design comes from LoboCNC and can accommodate single, double, or triple light switch configurations and will work with flip (toggle) switches or “paddle” (rocker) switches. You can swap your current light switch plates with these and they can be painted to suit your taste. The prices are $12 for a single switch, $15 for a double switch, and $20 for a triple switch and they come in black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, white and gray. You can even order the handle and plate in two different colors, but you must inform the seller. And when you receive them, your inner mad scientist may be tempted to throw the switch multiple times, declaring as the lights flicker, “It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s ALIIIIVE!!” to the dismay of others who are in that room. Please visit nicksprints85 on Etsy to order or to gather more information. These would make cool decorations for your Halloween party or haunted house!

5 thoughts on “Bring your lights to life with style using this Frankenstein Light Switch Plate”

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  2. Really nice switch, do they do a dimmable model. Seriously, it would be great as a feature switch, say for a kids bedroom. It’s surprising how these things can catch on.

    1. This design would not work for a dimming switch, the pivot points are either up or down, they “snap” into position. So there were no points between UP and down.

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