Rhinoshield Crash Guard iPhone 6 bumper case review

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I love the ability to customize my iPhone with different phone cases. Normally, I stick to full body cases, since they provide the most protection and (usually) style. The drawback? You spend however much on your thin gold (or other colored) iPhone only to smother it in a bulky case to have enough protection. The Rhinoshield Crash Guard bumper intrigued me because it supposedly has all the drop protection of a full body case in a simple bumper frame. I was able to give the case a whirl, so let’s see how it is.


I was pleased to see there was a back protector included in the packaging. Along with the protector, was a few dust stickers and a cleaning cloth and of course the bumper case itself. I chose a vibrant pink color, and I was very pleased with how vivid the color was. The last three pictures on this review reflect the color very well.rhinoshield-3

The Rhinoshield bumper has a honeycomb-like design on the inside, allowing for extra give when it is dropped.


So, I got the back protector on, and I noticed that it didn’t stick too well around the white lines and Apple logo. It’s not a terrible eyesore, but it is a bit ugly around the Apple logo. When I tried another full body case with the protector on, it worked just fine, which I was very pleased about!

It was very easy to install the case. I went from top to bottom and it slipped right on and fit very well. It wasn’t loose, and in fact, it took a bit of effort to remove it. I approve of that, since to me, I prefer protection to ease of removal.


All of the buttons are covered and easy to push. On the side with the wake/sleep button, you’ll find the Rhinoshield logo. It looks nice and doesn’t detract from the look of the case. You can see from the above picture that there is a significant lip on the case. It is taller than my glass screen protector, so it will protect the protector as well. It is the same height in the back.


On the opposite side, you have the volume buttons and the cutout for the vibrate switch. I have small fingers and it was a bit difficult to access the vibrate switch. I noticed this more than on any other case I’ve reviewed so far. It is not horribly difficult to access, it just takes a little extra effort to get your finger in the right spot. But it was enough to note it here.


And, lastly, at the bottom of the phone you have the cutouts for your headphones, speakers, and charging port. With this case, you will need a cable very close in size to the Apple Lightning cable. None of my aftermarket charging cables would work with this case. The cutout is just too small. The headphone cutout worked with my Bose and Oblanc headphones just fine.

The feel of the bumper in my hand was very good and the sides are not slippery, making it easy to grip. I also dropped the phone a few times and it is still going strong.

So, would I recommend this? After a few heavy drops, I am actually very impressed with their drop protection. I love the color and feel, and the price is decent. If you only use bigger aftermarket charging cables, you my have difficulty charging with the case on, but if you don’t, and are looking for a decently priced bumper case with good protection, give the Rhinoshield Crash Guard bumper case a look.

Source: The sample for this review were provided by Evolutive Labs. Please visit their website for more info.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Evolutive Labs
  • - Lightweight
  • - Vivid colors
  • - Good lip protection - enough to protect with a glass screen protector
  • - Good overall protection
  • - Difficult to access the vibrate switch
  • - Could have difficulty using bigger Lightning cables

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