This Celtic dice set will take your role-playing games to the next level


If I had unlimited funds and unlimited space, my gadget cave would be chock full of all sorts of geeky toys like these super cool Celtic dice from eondesigner, a designer on the Shapeways site. If you’re not familiar with Shapeways, it’s a marketplace site where 3D modelers can have their designs created and offered for sale to geeks like all of us. I’m not even a role-playing gamer, but these dice are really calling to me. The Celtic dice set includes six 3D printed metal dice that feature intricate Celtic knot work. The set consists of D20, D12, D10, D8, D6 and D4 dice that are available in eight different metal finishes including stainless steel, polished gold steel, matte black steel and more. Prices range from $75 – $99 for the metal sets. The dice sets are also available in nylon and your choice of 13 colors for $23 – $50 per set. For more info visit eondesigner’s Shapeways shop.

Via Robert Poer

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