Wirelessly monitor your ecig habit with the Smokio vaporizer

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I’m not a smoker and have never been a smoker, but I do know that it’s an extremely unhealthy and risky habit. It’s a habit that is very hard to kick without the help of drugs or strong will power. The new fad is to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes also know as ecigs. Our own Ian Lam wrote an article about his experience switching from traditional cigarettes to ecigs. I can’t really comment on how much better ecigs are for your health as compared to regular cigarettes, but the Smokio wireless vaporizer does offer something that other vaporizers don’t – a way to monitor your usage. Smokio pairs via Bluetooth with an app on your smartphone that lets you monitor in real time the number of puffs you take and nicotine levels. The app will help you set goals to cut down on your usage, will send notifications when you reach milestones and will show how much money you are saving over buying cartons of cigarettes. Smokio is priced at $79. For more info visit Smokio.com

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  2. Dimitrios Gazis

    Hi Julie, independent studies (i.e. not those funded by entities with agendas) are starting to show that they are significantly less harmful than combustible products. Please note we who are involved with vaping like to use the term “harm reduction”. Considering how many people I have gotten to quit smoking, and how many of them then turned around and quit vaping as well, I suspect in a few years consensus will be that this is the most effective weapon in the battle to eradicate smoking once and for all.

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