QuiqLiteX LED flashlight review

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Having spent my early adult years in the law enforcement field, I have a fondness for gadgets that are designed to help law enforcement and first responders. I am especially impressed if that device can be carried over to military and civilian applications. That is why I was excited to get the chance to review the QuiqLiteX (Quick Light) from QuiqLite Inc.

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The concept for the QuiqLite came from Brian Quittner, a 15 year California law enforcement veteran, who found himself in need of a hands-free light source to do his job. Thus, he came up with and produced the first line of QuiqLites, a LED light designed to be worn in an officer’s uniform shirt pocket.


The QuiqLiteX is the newest evolution of the QuiqLite product line that has four unique configurations. The differences are the LED combinations and lumen output. For my testing I am using the QuiqLiteX Dual White LED model (20 to 150 lumens) they also have the red/white, blue/white and ultraviolet/white combinations with various lumen outputs. The QuiqLiteX I am reviewing has the following features as listed from the QuiqLite website

  • USB Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 5 modes
  • Super-Bright Dual LEDs
  • 20-150 lumens
  • Power boost X button
  • Dual switch technology
  • Independent LED activation
  • Anti-glare visor
  • 10 minute auto-off timer
  • 180 degree adjustable light arm
  • 360 Degree rotating removable magnetic clip
  • Weather resistant nylon housing
  • Safety Strobe
  • QuiqFlare Now included!

and the following specifications:

  • High Power white:
    Single LED: 75 Lumens : 5 hours
    Dual LED: 150 Lumens : 2.5 hours
  • Low Power white:
    Single LED: 20 Lumens :30 hours
    Dual LED: 40 Lumens :15 hours
  • Strobe: 75 lumens :5 hours
  • Length: 3 inches
  • Width: 0.90 inches
  • Weight w/batteries &Clip: 1.4 oz.
  • Battery: 1 QuiqLiteX lithium (included) Part#052042
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours or less
  • Housing: Nylon/Aluminum


The QuiqLiteX comes with the following:

Micro USB to USB cable
User guid


The top of the QuiqLiteX has the on/off button and the adjustable light arm. The on/off button controls the LEDs. Push once for one LED, twice for both LED and three times to turn off. You can also hold the on/off switch for two seconds to activate the safety strobe feature. The light arm holds the two LEDs and is adjustable to 180°. The top also features the QuiqLite logo.


The front of the QuiqLiteX has no real features, but you can see the two LEDs in the adjustable light arm from the front.


The rear of the QuiqLiteX has a power boost button which allows the dual LED model I am testing, to go from 20 lumens to 75 lumens with one LED on and from 40 to 150 lumens with both LEDs activated. This is done by simply pushing the boost button after your light is turned on. You can turn the power boost on or off anytime the light is in use.

The left side of the QuiqLightX has the QuiqLiteX logo on it.


The right side of this light has the micro USB charging port to recharge the included lithium battery, the charging indicator LED and the patent number.

The bottom of the QuiqLiteX has four screws and the battery access door.


The QuiqLiteX comes with a nice rotating removable magnetic clip. The clip itself is made out of the same material as the QuiqLiteX and seems to be pretty durable. A nice feature that is built into the clip is the four magnets allowing you to stick your QuiqLiteX to almost any metal surface.


Another included accessory is the QuiqFlare an attachment designed to help you be seen for up to 1.5 miles away. The QuiqFlare is a frosted cover that slips onto the front of the adjustable light arm. Although I did not check to see if I could view it from over a mile away it does catch your attention in the dark.


My QuiqLiteX came partially charged so it did not take me long to fully charge the QuiqLiteX. The LED next to the micro USB charging port will stay red while charging and flash red when it is fully charged. Charge time is listed as two hours in the user’s manual.

After charging the QuiqLiteX I wanted to do a light test showing the different brightness’s so I made this short video showing the light in the different modes. The first part of the video shows 1 LED with and without the power boost feature. The next part is two LEDs with and without the power boost feature. The last segment is using the QuiqFlare with both LEDs.


Although designed to be worn in your uniform shirt pocket with or without a pocket flap, the QuiqLiteX has evolved in its design and features to allow it to be carried in various other ways. With the addition of the rotating removable magnetic clip your carrying options have increased even more.


So, what’s my bottom line here? From a law enforcement perspective I wish I had the QuiqLiteX when I was still on the force. The variable carry methods make it perfect for almost any law enforcement situation. The fact that it is reachable means it should always be ready when you are. The modular design means that if you do need to replace a part or battery you should be able to do it. From a civilian, first responder or military use stand point the QuiqLiteX is a great addition in your go bag, bug out bag or tactical gear. It shows that a lot of thought went into the design and building of the QuiqLiteX. Starting at $39.95 for the white, red/white or blue/white versions and $46.95 for the ultraviolet/white version at the QuiqLite website this light is the perfect companion for law enforcement and civilians alike.

Updates 08/04/15

This is my number one travel light. As great as it is for first responder situations, the light is great to throw into your carry-on bag to provide that extra bit of light while on the road.

Updates 03/15/16

The QuiqLight is another travel partner for me. It is one item that is always in my MIXBAG so it is always ready for whatever I need it for. The QuiqLights versatility allows its use in almost any flashlight situation. The multiple mounting options means it can be used as a secondary light source.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by QuiqLite. Please visit their site for more info or Amazon to order.


Product Information

Price:$39.95 to $46.95
  • Well made
  • Rechargeable
  • Multi-functional
  • Well designed
  • None

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  2. i am an RN and we do many procedures in the dark. it is very helpful and the form factor is very good for what i do at work. i did have to return them , i bought 2, due to charging issues. i would however buy them again. great review as well thanks

  3. I am a LEO and work a LOT of night watches. The QuiqLite let me down first time – I had to send it back because the micro USB connector literally broke off of the flashlight. The manufacturer was Quiq (!) in replacing it but then I found the StreamLight Clipmate USB (http://www.streamlight.com/en-us/product/product.html?pid=298) and my life changed for the better. Let me put it this way – I bougth this light in November, charged it once, I use it every day (well, night) at work and I have yet to charge it again. And it doesn’t look like it would come apart in a fight, as it lives in the chest pocket of my stab vest.

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