Transfer files with your new MacBook without an adapter using Patriot’s new Type-C USB flash drive

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The Type-C USB flash memory drive from Patriot has been designed for computers that feature a Type-C USB port like Apple’s new MacBook. Whether you hate the idea of a laptop with just one port or love it, you have to admit that it will be a hassle to use an adapter every time you want to do a simple task like coping files to a flash drive. That’s where the new Patriot Type-C USB flash drive will come in handy. You might say “Hey Julie, what good is a Type-C USB flash drive if you need to transfer files to a device that doesn’t have a Type-C port?” No problem, Patriot has that covered because this flash drive features both a Type-C connector and a Type-A connector. If you aren’t familiar with Type-A, that’s the connector we’ve all been using for many years now. The Patriot flash drive will be compatible with the new MacBook as well as the Google Chromebook Pixel and will be available starting in June. It will be offered in both 32GB and 64GB capacities. Pricing has yet to be determined. Visit for more information about their products.

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