Sena Vettra ST iPad Air leather case review

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I can never decide if I want a case on my iPad Air or not.  It’s thin and wonderful to hold without a case, but you’re at risk of damaging your tablet without one.  The Sena Vettra ST Leather Case provides a functional case that manages to remain slim.

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The Vettra ST comes nicely packaged with it’s own cloth drawstring bag.  You don’t see that very often.  sena vettra st-04

This is the case, opened flat.  On the right is the U-shaped bit that holds the tablet into place.

sena vettra st-05

What’s that funny-looking flap for?  Keep reading…

sena vettra st-03

The Vettra ST is just slightly larger than the iPad itself.

sena vettra st-07

Here’s the iPad Air 2 inserted into the case.  This design does leave the left edges and corners exposed, but it makes for quick removal and cuts down on bulk.

sena vettra st-06

sena vettra st-10

On the back you’ll find cutouts for the camera and microphones.  This may be an issue if you go to places that don’t permit cameras.
sena vettra st-09

Here you can see the buttons exposed.  The iPad itself is just slightly recessed to prevent normal bumps.

sena vettra st-08

View from the bottom edge.  Speaker holes and Lighting port can be seen.

sena vettra st-11

The back is hinged so you can prop up the iPad for reading.  There are no magnets to maintain this angle, but I found the inside flap grippy enough.  I do kind of wish there were magnets to keep the iPad “locked” at an angle.  I’ve been told by Sena that there is an iPad Air 2-specific version with grooves on the inside lid (also non-magnetic) to help keep things in place.

sena vettra st-12

Remember the mystery flap?  Fold the lid all the way back and pop the mystery flap up.  Now your iPad is tilted at a lower angle.

sena vettra st-14

Of course if you prefer, you can just fold the whole thing completely flat.  It does so quite well.

sena vettra st-16

By itself, my iPad Air 2 weighs in at 15.8 ounces…

sena vettra st-15

…and with the case, 25.0 ounces.  What the scale doesn’t tell you is that with the case on, the Sena Vettra ST still manages to feel thin and lightweight.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Sena. Please visit for more info.


Product Information

Price:$69.95 MSRP ($55.99 on
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • Very slim
  • Minimal design cuts down on bulk
  • Case folds into a stand
  • Comes in black, gray or tan
  • Case relies on friction to lock into a propped up position

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