You don’t need to join the Navy to use the SUB Sports Utility Bag

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SUB Sports Utility Bag

We are a multitasking society and with that we expect the items we use on a daily basis to be the same. But when it comes to gym bags, they seem to have fallen behind in this trend. Living in the time crunched world we do today we often find ourselves heading from a workout to work or vice versa. With most gym or utility bags, they are designed for your sports gear, but not your work gear. The SUB Sports Utility Bag, a Kickstarter project from Keep Pursuing, has designed a bag to change that. The SUB is a true multi-tasker designed to carry your gym paraphernalia as well as your work essentials. The SUB accomplishes this with a smart design and durable materials. With plenty of pockets and compartments such a shoe pocket and utility pockets you can keep your fresh and clean stuff separated from your not so clean items. The SUB also offers a few different carry options including a backpack mode. With several pledge points for this project, a $109 pledge will get you a SUB bag and a Stainless steel water bottle. This campaign runs through May 17, 2015 and if successful is slated to ship in the July 2015 time frame.

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