Notch gear lets you wear your hat down low with shades

Pictures of a new product called Notch.  Notch is a hat thats has a notch cut out so that sunglasses fit comfortably within the brim of the hat. Product designer Paul Cunningham of Yuma, Arizona

I wear glasses daily (I can’t wear contacts) and wear ballcap-style hats often, especially when outdoors. I sometimes wish I could pull my cap down lower over my eyes, but my glasses or shades get in the way. Notch must have been reading my mind, because their hats potentially solve this problem.  Founded by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Notch’s hats and visors have a patent-pending design with a small cutout on either side of the bill, providing space for your glasses or sunglasses. There are many styles and colors and pricing varies, with most at $25-$30. Visit for more info.

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