Narborion Saga Book II: The God of Orcs brings tabletop roleplaying to your tablet


Liber Primus Games has announced a follow up to its debut gamebook app Narborion Saga. Narborion Saga Book II: The God of Orcs is a tabletop style roleplaying choose your destiny game which you can play on your Android or Kindle fire tablets (an iOS version is in the works). The God of Orcs continues to follow the epic journey of the main hero who must stop a war in the dawn of a new god of orcs. The engaging fantasy storyline immerses the player because decisions made during different challenges, quests and battles will effect how the story progresses. The game can also be personally customized by allowing players to integrate an image of their own 3D painted figurines by uploading them to the game. Narborion Saga Book II: The God of Orcs is free for Android and Kindle Fire and the iOS version will follow later. For more info visit or the Google Play store to download.

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